Hi. I’m D. Julius Goodman and I write web serials. My current project is Blood Sprawl which updates every Thursday and I’m currently in the planning stages of launching a second series that will update on Mondays.

I chose the web serial format due to the freedom it affords me as a writer and the fact I don’t have to deal with an editor/literary agent/publisher telling how to write my story. It’s just me and the reader and nothing in-between.

Of course, this also means I don’t get paid. Which is where you come in.

I’ve set up a Ko-Fi page so you can help support Blood Sprawl if you feel that the story is worth it. Ko-Fi is like a tip jar where you make a one-time payment instead of a monthly system like Patreon. I feel this is best until I have proven I can meet deadlines and the readership grows.

And did you know that every time the Ko-Fi hits $50 in tips I’ll upload a bonus Blood Sprawl chapter on Tuesday? It’s true!

Just to be clear, Blood Sprawl and any other web serial I work on will always be free to read online. That will never change. But if you enjoy a particular chapter or the story in general, feel free to leave a tip or just spread the word. You will have my thanks.