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The year is 2084. In the aftermath of the War the world has changed. Humans are tagged and tracked like cattle. The megacorporations control everything. Any vice a person wants to indulge in can be had for a price. People enhance themselves with technology, cybernetics and neural implants, sometimes to the extreme. Danger lurks around every corner and you never know what’s real and what not.

And deep underneath it all is something. A terrible secret just under the surface that no one knows about or wants to discover.

Welcome to Blood Sprawl.


Blood Sprawl is a cyberpunk web serial that updates every Thursday. Unlike other web serials, it is completely open-ended and doesn’t have a predetermined ending. The idea is that Blood Sprawl will read more like a continuous narrative that will branch out in new directions as the world expands.

Blood Sprawl is generally not recommended for those who are easily offended or the very young. The world of Blood Sprawl is a gritty, grim place and the writing will reflect that. There will be cursing, violence and occasionally sex. You have been warned.

Blood Sprawl is inspired by the classic table top role-playing game Cyberpunk 2020 published by R. Talsorian Games. If you like what you read here, it is highly recommended you check out the game itself so you can create cyberpunk adventures of your very own.

Please feel free to comment on the story and enjoy yourselves. However, any comments deemed abusive or inappropriate will be deleted immediately.

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